To register on the Yandex.XML service, follow these steps:

  1. Open the registration page (

    Authentication in Yandex.Passport is required. If necessary, register first.

  2. Look at the value in URL for queries:
    • For GET requests, this is the base part of the address that request parameters are appended to.

    • For POST requests, this is the URL to send the request body to.

  3. Fill in the fields on the form:
    Field Description
    Main IP-address

    The unique network address of the computer that will be sending search queries.

    To set the IP address of the computer you are using for registration, use the value shown in Your current IP-address is.

    Search type

    The selected value determines the set of documents that are searched (the search base), the ranking formula, and usage restrictions.

    Email notifications

    The email address to send notifications to.

    List of events

    Choose events that notifications should be sent for.

    Notification language

    The language to use for delivering messages about selected events.

  4. Review the terms of the license agreement. The terms depend on the search type you selected.
  5. Confirm your agreement (check the box I accept the terms of License Agreement).
  6. Save the data you have entered (the Save button is available only after you check the boxes Email notifications and I accept the terms of License Agreement).
If necessary, registration data can be edited on the Settings page.