This section contains the format of the response with a description of the error, as well as the list of errors which are returned by API methods, compatible with Google Analytics Core Reporting API (v3).

Error format

    "error" : {
        "code" :  < int > ,
        "message" :  < string > 
Parameters Description
error no description
code HTTP-error code
message Error description

Error types

Error type Description
invalidParameter (400)

Incorrect value of request parameter specified.

The locationType and location fields contain information on which parameter an error was detected in.

badRequest (400) Error in request. For example, an invalid combination of dimensions and metrics was specified.
invalidCredentials (401) Action of authorization token has expired or token is invalid.
quotaExceeded (403) Exceeded quota on number of parallel requests.
backendError (503) Server has returned an error message.