Basic metrics

Metrica Name Description Type Filter option Appearance date
ym:ad:visits Sessions

Total number of visits.

int present 2018-06-17
ym:ad:clicks Clicks

Total number of clicks on the ad.

int present 2018-06-17
ym:ad:<currency>AdCost Cost of clicks

Total cost of clicks from Yandex.Direct.

currency present 2018-06-17
ym:ad:<currency>AdCostPerVisit Average cost of session

Average cost per click from Yandex.Direct.

currency present 2009-01-18
ym:ad:goal<goal_id><currency>CPA Average cost of goal conversion

Cost Per Action: the quotient when the total click cost for paid visits is divided by the number of goals reached during visits.

currency present 2009-01-18
ym:ad:goal<goal_id><currency>AdCostPerVisit Average cost of targeted visit

Average cost of a converted session from Yandex.Direct.

currency present 2009-01-18