Extends IControl, ICustomizable.

The Route Button control: button with route panel in the popup. The key of the control in the storage — "routeButtonControl".

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Parameter Default value Description

Type: Object

Control parameters.

parameters.lazy true

Type: Boolean

If set to true, all modules needed to work with routes will be loaded lazily when the user opens the panel the first time.


Type: Object

Control options. Use the 'routePanel' prefix to configure underlying IRoutePanel options.

parameters.options.adjustMapMargin false

Type: Boolean

Whether the control registers its size in the map margins manager map.margin.Manager.

parameters.options.autofocus true

Type: Boolean

Specifies whether route panel must automatically gain focus when popup opens.

parameters.options.collapseOnBlur true

Type: Boolean

This flag enables to collapse the panel when the control loses focus.

parameters.options.float "right"

Type: String

The side to which you want to align the control. Can take three values: "left", "right" or "none". If set to "left" or "right", the controls are arranged in a line, starting from the left or right edge of the map, respectively. If set to "none", the controls are positioned according to the values of the left, right, bottom and top options, relative to the boundaries of the map. See also the description of the position option.

parameters.options.floatIndex 0

Type: Number

The priority of the control positioning. The element with highest priority is positioned closer to the map boundary that is specified in the float property. Does not work with float = "none".

parameters.options.popupAnimate true

Type: Boolean

This flag indicates whether popup expansion and collapse should be animated.

parameters.options.popupFloat 'auto'

Type: Boolean

Specifies which button edge the popup should stick to. Takes the following values:
  • 'auto' - The side depends on the size of the map and the size of the popup.
  • 'right' - The right side of the popup sticks to the right side of the control.
  • 'left' - The left side of the popup sticks to the left side of the control.
parameters.options.popupWidth '210px'

Type: String

Specifies CSS width of popup. Width is restricted by 176px below and 400px above.


Type: Object

Object describing the position of a control.

parameters.options.position.bottom 'auto'

Type: Number|String

Position relative to the bottom edge of the map.

parameters.options.position.left 10

Type: Number|String

Position relative to the left edge of the map.

parameters.options.position.right 'auto'

Type: Number|String

Position relative to the right edge of the map. 108

Type: Number|String

Position relative to the top edge of the map.

parameters.options.size 'auto'

Type: String

Defines the appearance of the control. Takes the following values:
  • 'auto' - The layout is changed automatically depending on the dimensions of the map and the number of added controls.
  • 'small' - The layout displays the icon, regardless of the map size.
  • 'medium' - The layout displays only text, regardless of the map size.
  • 'large' - The layout always displays both the icon and text, regardless of the map size.
parameters.options.visible true

Type: Boolean

Indicates if the control is displayed.


Type: Object

Object describing the state of a control.

parameters.state.expanded false

Type: Boolean

Indicates whether the popup with the panel is expanded.



// Example 1.
// Creating a RouteButton control and adding it to the map.
var routeButton = new ymaps.control.RouteButton({
    options: {
        size: "small"


// Example 2.
// Add control to the left corner of the map and set default points of arrival and departure.
myMap.controls.add('routeButtonControl', {
    size: "large",
    float: "left",
    floatIndex: 1000,
    fromEnabled: false,
    from: "moscow",
    to: "saint petersburg",
    type: "auto"


Name Type Description
events IEventManager

Event manager.

Inherited from IEventEmitter.

options IOptionManager

Options manager.

Inherited from IControl.

routePanel IRoutePanel


Name Description

Change to the object options.

Inherited from ICustomizable.


The parent object reference changed.

Data fields:

  • oldParent - Old parent.
  • newParent - New parent.

Inherited from IChild.


Name Returns Description


Returns link to the parent object, or null if the parent element was not set.

Inherited from IControl.



Sets the parent object. If the null value is passed, the manager element will only be deleted from the current parent object.

Inherited from IControl.