A geolink is a simple way to embed a link to in the text of a webpage. You can use special tags to wrap an address or business name to show on the map. The wrapped text becomes a geolink, which is highlighted on the page in a special way. When a user clicks the link, a popup window opens that contains a static map with a placemark at the specified address.

Clicking “About this location” opens the interactive Yandex.Maps page with details about the marked point. Clicking “How to get here” opens Yandex.Maps with routing enabled. The address in the geolink is automatically set as the destination address on the map, so the user just needs to enter the address to start from.

Attention. You can set geolinks only for the address of a geo object, a toponym, or the name of an organization. If you try to use some other text (for instance, “Our office”), you'll see an error message in a popup window: