Describes the precision for matching the request to the result.

Depending on the degree of discrepancy between the request and the result, the precision element takes the following values:

yg:precisionThe house number as provided in the requestThe house number in the responseComment
exact27 строение 1 (27, unit 1)27с1 (27с1)A found building has the specified house number.
number31 корпус 4 (31, building 4)31/2A found building has the specified house number, but a different building or unit number.
near16/318A found building has a house number close to the requested address.
range1212Found approximate coordinates of the requested building.
street18Only the street was found.
other22The street name does not match, but a village, district, etc. matches.
Note. The precision element specifies a match for the most precise component in the response. Other components may differ.


This tag does not contain other tags.

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See the example for the GeocoderMetaData element.