The yg:precision element describes how closely the address of the found building matches the house number from the request.

Depending on how much the result diverges from the request, the precision element can take the following values:

yg:precisionThe house number as provided in the requestThe house number in the responseComment
exact 27, unit 1 27#1Exact match.
number 31, building 4 31 #2The address matched, but the building or unit number didn't.
near 16/3 18A found building has a house number close to the requested address.
range 1212The response contains the approximate coordinates of the requested building.
street 18Only the street was found.
other 22The street name does not match, but a village, district, etc. matches.


This tag does not contain other tags.

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See the example for the GeocoderMetaData element.