Namespaces used

The geocoder response consists of elements which belong to the following four XML namespaces:

NamespaceSchema URLDocumentationElementsDefinition
ymaps http :// YMapsML reference ymaps, GeoObjectCollection, GeoObjectThe language used to represent geographical data on Yandex maps.
gml The GML 3.1 specification featureMember, metaDataProperty, boundedBy, PointGML – the geography description standard.
yg Description of the XML schema of the geocoder response GeocoderResponseMetaData, GeocoderMetaDataThe XML schema of the geocoder response.
xal urn:oasis:names:tc:ciq:xsdschema:xAL:2.0 The xAL 2.0 specification AddressDetails xAL (eXtensible Address Language) is used for structuring mailing addresses in the geocoder response.

Since the geocoder response is a YMapsML document, the root element belongs to the ymaps namespace. In addition, this namespace includes ymaps:GeoObjectCollection and ymaps:GeoObject.

The designated geocoder namespace yg includes metadata elements (GeocoderResponseMetaData and GeocoderMetaData) and all their child elements, except AddressDetails. The following standard GML elements are used as well: gml:featureMember, gml:metaDataProperty, gml:Point and gml:boundedBy.