The Yandex.Maps service provides a geocoding service for its users. This service can determine geographical coordinates and other information about an object using its name or address, as well as the opposite, using the coordinates of an object to determine its address (reverse geocoding).

For example, for the request “Türkiye, Istanbul, Kartal, Esentepe, Aydos Sokak, 32” the geocoder returns the geographical coordinates of this building.: “29.198184 40.900640” (longitude, latitude). Conversely, if the request specifies the geographical coordinates of the building “29.198184 40.900640”, the geocoder returns its address.

The geocoder can be accessed either over the HTTP protocol or using the JavaScript API. When accessing the geocoder over HTTP, the response can be formed either as an XML document in YMapsML format, or in JSON.

This document describes parameters for sending an HTTP request to the geocoder and the response, and also provides examples.